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ASI 2021 Forum

Atlantic Policy Forum on Mental Health Promotion

The Great Reconnect: Personal, Community and Societal Resilience in a Post-COVID-19 World

ASI Call to Action

The goal of the Call to Action is to build on existing efforts to create a more sustainable approach to promoting child and youth mental health in Atlantic Canada.

ASI Online

Join us this spring for an interactive online presentation series on building resilient communities


August 23-25, 2021


Online event



“When we think of mental health we often think of emotional difficulties and mental health problems and how we can resolve a crisis once it has occurred. This thinking demands an investment after the fact or ‘downstream’. ‘Upstream’ thinking means investing wisely for future success and addressing the broader determinants of mental health at a population level. We view mental health as a resource for all that requires a whole-of-government and whole-of-society approach. Although there is evidence to support an ‘upstream’ view, our current investment in policies and practice is ‘downstream’ and we will need a change in public and political support to think and invest differently.”

Professor Margaret Barry

ASI 2017 keynote speaker, WHO Collaborating Centre for Health Promotion Research, National University of Ireland, Galway

“To create mentally healthy communities/societies, “there are in essence two key approaches: First, creating supportive environments that protect people from known risk factors and provide a positive, mentally healthy situation. Second, providing resources and programs that enable people — especially children — to become resilient, with the skills they need to manage life’s ups and downs. In practice, these two approaches interact and need to complement each other.”

Dr. Trevor Hancock

ASI 2018 Keynote Speaker, Professor and Senior Scholar (retired), School of Public Health and Social Policy, University of Victoria

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Atlantic Policy Forum on Mental Health Promotion August 23-25, 2021 ~ Online The Great Reconnect: Building Personal, Community and Societal Resilience in our Post-COVID-19 World   Registration...

ASI Online

We are so excited for our Interactive Presentation Series this spring! Join us this spring for a series of five sessions within the theme of Building Resilient Communities. Register now for the...

About the ASI

We bring together people who are making Atlantic Canada’s communities healthier and safer. The Summer Institute really engages participants, providing them with an opportunity to develop skills, learn and share knowledge and work together on programs, policies and services.

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Call to Action

The Call to Action outlines clear actions for a sustainable approach to promoting youth mental health. Strengthening policies and programs that support positive mental health for children and youth is vital to creating a sustainable and inclusive Atlantic Canada.

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Sponsors and Supporters

ASI has had strong participation from community groups and government agencies, which is critical to the continued success and impact of our programming. Your investment in the ASI will ignite community leadership on child and youth mental health in Atlantic Canada.

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