The ASI Forum will be a bilingual event, held at the University of Prince Edward Island from August 20-22, 2018.

Key features of the Forum:

  • Keynote speaker Dr. Trevor Hancock
  • Plenaries and panel discussions about: taking action using a whole society approach; international and national frameworks and their local application; intersectoral innovation in Atlantic Canada; next steps for action; strengthening the 2017 Call to Action
  • Roundtable discussions about elements that international frameworks have in common, and how can they be applied to local work
  • Concurrent Sessions – Sharing emerging evidence
  • Concurrent workshops – Developing skills
  • Community Showcase – Atlantic Canadian projects engaging multiple sectors
  • Luncheon with invitees from business, political sectors
  • Youth Leadership Program
  • Children’s Program
  • Aboriginal Opening and Closing

A Whole Society Approach

At ASI 2017, participants developed a Call to Action for a whole society approach to promoting child and youth mental health. There has been momentum for action this past year and ASI 2018 will take the work one step further.

Mental health promotion is not the responsibility of the health care system alone – it belongs to many sectors.  It is imperative that the investment is appreciated for the benefits it will have for other systems and for society as a whole. Working together to promote mental health requires collective thinking and cannot rest solely with government – it will require collaboration with civil society, philanthropic organizations and the business world. So ASI aims to bring these groups together in 2018 to act together!

Mounting global evidence shows that mental health is an issue for the entire population requiring a whole society and whole of government approach to make an impact. Evidence tells us we need to start with an investment in children and youth. Much is happening globally that we can apply locally. The 2018 ASI program is being designed to build on evidence and expand networks and develop a whole society approach to promoting child and youth mental health in Atlantic Canada.

Overarching frameworks and strategies that will be considered and integrated include:

  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Social determinants of health and Health In All policies
  • First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework
  • PEI Declaration from the 6th Global Forum on Health Promotion
  • Population Mental Health Framework
  • Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL)
  • Circle of Health framework/tool
  • UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Objectives of the Forum are:

  • To enhance our collective understanding of the links between mental health and health outcomes with early childhood experiences.
  • To increase understanding of the reciprocal relationships between policies promoting mental health and those that impact community viability & sustainability.
  • To make the connection between global strategies and frameworks and local initiatives.
  • To develop knowledge and skills that can be applied to expand collaboration and networks for action after ASI 2018.
  • To provide an update on ASI 2017 Call to Action and continue the momentum of work.